Our Trousseaus are all customizable with our signature brass initials.  These gold initials are .75" tall, and available in any letter combination, including the "&" symbol.  Choose two or three letters, representing your married name or as a personalized heirloom for someone special.  Enter your initials at check out, and confirm they are correct prior to payment.  Due to the bespoke nature of the product, all sales are final.

"A monogram, by literal definition, is a combination of letters which are intertwined or overlapped to represent an individual, municipality, company, or kingdom. Yet, that definition does not begin to capture the essence of the monogram. What is the true meaning of a monogram, this basic form of personal expression that has remained a social constant throughout the Western world for nearly 3,000 years? A monogram is a connection. It links a ruler to his people, a brand to its customer, a bride to a groom, one generation of a family to another, an individual to her future. Monograms connect us to another time and place, to loved ones past and present, and to what we find essential in our own lives."

( The Art of the Monogram by Cynthia Brumback)